In today’s environment it is important to achieve maximum impact for every dollar spent. Polestar prides itself on delivering results that have a positive impact and provide the best return on investment possible.

This is achieved through:

• Years of conference experience – we know where to cut costs and maximize expenditures while retaining the integrity of your program

• Excellent negotiation skills – we work for you

• Good relationships with our suppliers – hotels, airlines, transportation companies, entertainers … to ensure we obtain the most cost effective solutions

Our Management Fee

Polestar is pleased to assist with part or all of your conference or special events needs. A fee is charged based on the services required, the complexity and duration of the program, and the number of participants. As many of the services are interdependent, it is difficult to provide an accurate cost without full details on your program.

On receipt of information on your conference or event, we would be pleased to provide you with our cost conscious management fee quotation. Please feel free to complete the attached Request for Quotation or call us for a quote.